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    What People Are Saying About Big Block...

    Absolutely the BEST real estate company I’ve ever dealt with. The management staff is constantly looking for ways to improve the company and boost morale. Training and accuracy are top priority. The administrative staff is top notch! These are true professionals!

    Frank C.

    Realtor, Big Block Realty

    I have only worked with one agent at Big Block, Barbara Lew. We have worked together for years and she is the most amazing real estate rock star! I can’t recommend anyone more. She will work hard for you and fight for everything, she is knowledgeable, fair, honest, always does what she says. I have worked with other real estate agents in the past and had horrible experiences. Since I met Barbara, I will never settle for anything but professionalism and someone who will work for and represent my interests. She has now represented us for four transactions and for our family as well. If Big Block is as supportive and professional as this agent, and I hope they are, then I would look to Big Block for assistance with my real estate needs.

    Angie D.

    Seller, Big Block Realty

    Kristine Clark-Jolly. ?She was wonderful! ?From our very first meeting, she was professional, friendly and I knew that she was the best agent for the job after speaking to a few. ?She gave me a few tips to help me upgrade my condo without spending a ton of money and they helped. ?Most importantly, she got me MUCH more money than the other agents and/or the comps by the upgrades I made and by letting the buyers know what upgrades I had made in the past few years to increase the value of my property. ?She was in constant touch to let me know what was going on and was a take-charge business woman who got things done and got them done right the first time! ?I am highly impressed with her and know you will be too!

    Susan G.

    Seller, Big Block Realty

    I am seriously floored at the incredible support you offer us! The whole team at Big Block is so stellar. I just cannot say it enough. Thank you a thousand times over!

    Lauren L.

    Realtor, Big Block Realty

    If you are looking for a realtor to sell or help you find that perfect home, I highly recommend that you choose Clara Hieshetter with Big Block Realty as your Realtor/Broker. Clara is the most knowledgeable, honest and caring, hard working person I’ve met in this industry. She went above and beyond from start to finish to see me through my sale.
    Thanks so much Clara!

    Kathy M.

    Seller, Big Block Realty

    We worked with Ryan Branco, he was very professional and responsive to all our needs. The transaction was stress free and his fee was very reasonable. ?He was on top of everything n got the job done without any drama.

    Connie L.

    Seller, Big Block Realty

    Jaz is the best real estate agent I have worked with. I recently worked with her as my buyer’s and seller’s agent. She always works hard to get the best deal for her client while being grounded by the reality of what it takes to get the deal done (if it is the right deal for the client). I am most impressed by her responsiveness. She is always by her phone. My voicemail’s or emails get answered within the hour. Jaz takes ownership of the whole process and is great at coming up with creative solutions. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a real estate agent. There is a reason why she is such a high producer!!

    Louisa G.

    Seller, Big Block Realty

    Working with this company is a true pleasure. They are flexible and professional. We love working with their agents! Big Block ROCKS!

    King W.

    Seller, Big Block Realty

    We have never sold a home before and we really needed help with our short sale.? Sandro Natale would send me updates and cc correspondence so I knew what progress was happening each week. ?When I needed reassurance I could text Sandro or Heidi and get a response within hours. ?They responded, even after business hours and while we were in Europe. ?What a team. ?The bank (name to be unspoken) was a pain and I would have exploded if I had to work with them any longer. We were so frustrated. ? ?But Sandro and Heidi just kept plugging away and doing whatever it took to keep the deal from collapsing. I felt like Sandro and Heidi were part of our family by the time we successfully finished escrow. ?They are the BEST!

    Cheryl R.

    Seller, Big Block Realty

    My team and I saved over $80,000 a year by moving to Big Block Realty! I feel smarter now for making the move… and we get better support and training!

    Herlinda R.

    Realtor, Big Block Realty

    I grew up with a father in Real Estate so I am not new to the Real Estate game. ?I don’t know about anyone else at Big Block but ROGER BIRCHMEIER and he is a rock star!!! ( ? My life was TV drama worthy with deaths in the family and a bunch of personal madness when we landed in escrow on a fluke. ?Roger had us in on our dream house (that we now live in) as a back up offer. ?We would not be in our home and I would not have made it through the process without Roger. ?There were a number of times I called him a mess with decisions that needed to be made and told him “just make the call for me, I can’t deal with this right now.” ?He did and everything went smoothly. ?He sheltered us from odd drama all over the place, problems with the lender, escrow and the selling agents madness. ?It was a tornado and Roger was the calm in the storm holding everything together. ?He was there to pop the champagne with us and take photos as we walked in to our new home too. ?I highly recommend him if you need a good realtor!

    Brooke M.

    Buyer, Big Block Realty

    My wife and I had the pleasure of working with Big Block Realty on 3 separate occasions, and we could not be happier with the outcome. They assisted us with our first home purchase in 2011, then the sale of that home in 2014 and finally the purchase of most recent home. Sandro Natale and his team stopped at nothing to ensure we got the best deal at all levels, he was understanding and more than willing to go above and beyond ensuring all of our expectations were met or exceeded. In the most recent purchase the listing agent and seller were rather difficult, however Sandro made sure we were not lead astray – he was successful in securing us the best price (he was able to help us negotiate $50,000 off the asking price!), a majority of request for repairs, and made a very ‘rough’ transaction smooth and effortless on our end. If you are in the market to buy or sell a home pick up the phone and contact Sandro and Big Block Realty, you will not be disappointed. ?They for sure have clients for life with me and my wife!

    Eric B.

    Seller, Big Block Realty

    I have known Melissa Day for many years. I have referred many clients to her. She is smart, attentive, caring, careful, and goes the extra mile. She understands what it means to be a fiduciary and takes special care to meet the interests of her clients. And her smile lights the room!

    Janet S.

    Seller, Big Block Realty

    If you are looking to sell or purchase a home PLEASE do yourself a huge favor, check out Gerry Carrillo at Big Block Realty. Mr. Carrillo is honest, trustworthy and highly knowledgeable when it comes to working with real estate and people. Gerry is a man of great integrity, he will work hard to meet your needs, he will meet your timelines and he is a genuine pleasure to work with.

    Steven M.

    Seller, Big Block Realty

    I found my home in San Diego. Working with Boris at Big Block Realty exceeded all my expectations. As a first time home buyer I was not familiar with the terminology or best practices. I’m very thankful to have met such a genuine & helpful person. To be completely honest, words cannot accurately describe the amount of attentiveness, patience and informative nature of working with Boris. I am extremely thankful for his continuous support! I’ve been looking for a property for almost a year now, met a handful of agents and brokers. Let me tell you straight up that he’s not the b.s. type, where others have tried to convince me to purchase, the worst was being pressured to offer over my budget limit. He actually cared about my preferences, performed inspections when I wasn’t able to attend, negotiated effectively to get the best deal possible, provided very useful info about the areas where each property resided and gave me recommendations on upgrading my new home. Thanks again Boris, any organization would be lucky to have you!

    Mish A.

    Big Block Realty took care of me as if I were family. I am an extremely busy physician and was looking to purchase my first property. After trying to find a place on my own, I realized that I had no idea what I was doing. I knew I needed the guidance of a professional. Sandro was able to work around my hectic schedule and accommodate me. I am a very detail-oriented and super picky individual who can be difficult to please. He was so patient and made sure to only show me properties that would truly fit my style. At the end of the process, I was able to find the perfect condo in Carlsbad! Thank you Sandro! I am looking forward to working with you in the near future.

    Vishi A.

    Buyer, Big Block Realty

    We can not believe the amazing programs/tools you build as well as the opportunities you give us to be super power agents at Big Block Realty! We are so blessed that Big Block puts so much energy and devotion into giving us opportunity. I guarantee NO OTHER BROKERAGE could even imagine the amount of creativeness, support, and thought Big Block gives us to be the best we can be!

    Sammy Tovar

    Realtor, Big Block Realty

    It has been a great pleasure to work with Big Block Realty over the last 6 months, toward the purchase of my first home. My chief expectation with a Realtor is that he or she is organized and prepared, and knowledgeable about the entire process, and I was never disappointed when it came to this. Sandro was always flexible and worked around my schedule so that we could see properties as quickly as possible. If there was a property I was interested in, he immediately prepared reports after our appointments so that I could make an informed decision quickly. I appreciated his knowledge of the market and his willingness to be forthright and realistic with me. Ultimately we were able to find the perfect first home for me, and under asking price! He helped me through the entire escrow process, facilitating inspections, communication with the sellers, and even minor repairs. ?Everything went very smoothly, and I was kept abreast of all updates the entire time. Sandro is highly professional, and has a great network of associates (to which I was referred for my mortgage and the home inspection; I was highly satisfied with both). He has all of the qualities of great Realtor and I would refer my friends, family, and coworkers to him any day.

    Pontaah A.

    Buyer, Big Block Realty

    I contacted Ryan on behalf of my parents who were looking to downsize and move to a smaller home in San Diego. Ryan was SO understanding and patient with my Mom and Dad, helping them every step of the way! He was willing to go the extra mile with them including holding open houses of their current home and keeping them (and me) up to date with newly released listings. I could not recommend a better agent if you’re looking to buy or sell a home! His agent fees were EXTREMELY reasonable and he knows ALL of San Diego county. ?He had a buyer for my parents home very quickly…and he negotiated full asking price!!! The right real estate agent can make all the difference. My advice is to go with Ryan at Big Block Realty – he was definitely the right choice for us!

    Kevin D.

    Seller, Big Block Realty

    I would recommend going to Big Block Realty if you have any problems and need a thoughtful, customer focused approach to help resolve them.

    Jo S.

    Seller, Big Block Realty

    Christopher Hutchinson was a pleasure to work with. ?He was always on top of all the paperwork and communication and ensured we had a seamless transaction. ?I would definitely enjoy working with Chris & Big Block Realty again in the future.

    Andrew L.

    Seller, Big Block Realty

    They are simply the BEST in the business!

    Kevin E.

    Seller, Big Block Realty

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